"I can’t believe I did something so humiliating!”

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Favourite Artwork by Masashi Kishimoto -  [Part 19/?]

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Do you have any headcanon about how Erwin and Levi start their relationship? Like their first kiss? ^^


Everytime I imagine their (canonverse) first kiss, it’s the two of them in the courtyard, at night, when the lights of the torches are going down. It’s Erwin asking Levi out for a little stroll around the HQ (not very romantic, but God only knows if Erwin is the romantic type. I bet he is, but I also bet in canonverse he’d be a bit ‘awkward’ at it), making it seem like a work meeting/little talking.

He’d try to kiss Levi when they are sitting somewhere; I imagine him being very gentle at asking for Levi’s attention, to the point he’d look a bit goofy. XD without much touching, too. I also think that Levi wouldn’t disagree with the kiss, but he wouldn’t be enthusiast either? I see him accepting the kiss, but not really reciprocating. I like when Levi is yes, attracted to Erwin, and very much too, though (as Isayama also confirmed recently!) he’s not that good when it comes to that stuff, so he’d leave most of the stuff and decisions to Erwin. Not that he’d be this passive doll accepting everything Erwin does and asks for, but at first he’d never make the first step.

Also, he’d cover his face during sex.


don’t save someone who needs no saving.

Happy Birthday, Minnie!

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in which aoba’s self-positivity turns into the most awkward 22 seconds of sly blue’s life


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MakoHaru & SouRin Comparison: Part 1/?

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This weeks American hero. 

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